Outpost Fishing

Just you and the fish.

People choose Canoe Canada for our top-level service and direct access to some of the most incredible wilderness in North America. But they come back again and again for the legendary fishing adventures.

The secluded lakes of Quetico and White Otter Wilderness areas are often only fished a few times a year. Whether you’re looking for smallmouth, walleye, pike or trout, you’ll find your fight in these crystal-clear waters. Our guests have reported 10-pound walleye, 16-pound trout, 23-pound pike and 5-pound smallmouth bass. And because all our lakes are catch, photograph and release, a lot of these fish are still out there for the taking.

If you need help finding these monsters, there’s no shame in asking. Our staff offers more than a century of combined experience fishing these waters. We can guide you to all the best spots or just provide you with all the maps you need.

Fishing Quota

  • Walleye : you may have in your possession 2 walleye, of which only one may be longer than 18 inches.
  • Northern Pike : you may have in your possession 2 pike, less than 29.5 inches in length.
  • Small Mouth Bass : Until June 30, you may keep 2 bass less than 14 inches in length. Starting July 1, you may keep 2 bass of any length.
  • Lake Trout : you may keep 1 trout of any size or length.
  • These quotas are subject to change. For accurate data please read the government pamphlet.

Fishing Licenses

You can purchase your licenses upon arrival at our base. Or, if you prefer, you can get them online. Obtaining a license is a two-step process:

  1. First, you’ll need to buy or renew an Outdoor Card.
  2. Then, apply for your license.

Because we promote CPR (Catch, Photograph, Release) fishing, we recommend guests get the Conservation Fishing License, which allows you to catch all the fish you want and keep a few to eat. Remember that children under 18 may fish without a license under the direct supervision of an adult license holder, but may NOT keep a possession limit unless they purchase a license.

Ontario Fishing Regulations